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     Visit Project Quantum Leap (my Quantum Leap site, which includes information on Quantum Leap RPG, Partners in Time, and Future's Past RPG).

     Visit Gardner/Ross Cunningham (my Traders site, which includes information on Future's Past RPG).

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(This Web site used to be on WebJump [http://kingmike1.webjump.com] as "KingMike's Mansion - The Back Door". Since WebJump shut down without any warning on August 13, 2001, I moved the Web site to CanadianWebs [http://mikekraken.canadianwebs.com] on September 2, and renamed it. On November 6, 2002, CanadianWebs had server problems, so I have moved to TopCities on November 13, 2002. TopCities shut down completely without warning January 15, 2004. The site will remain here until Doomsday.)